Green Heaven Institute of Management and Research

Inst.Code: MB4125

Research and Publications

Dr. P. L. Thakur:

  1. Book titled :Organizational Behavior , Thakur Publications,Pune,ISBN-978-93-82249-69-6.
  2. “Remuneration & contentment public-private segments in Maharashtra” publised in international JOURNALOF BUSINESS MGMT VOL-II ISSUE -006 ON FEB-2013 ISSN NO---2249-7463
  3. “Rising drifts of Human Resource Management & I.T. Industry”----Presented at Novus Intentional conference organised by RTM Nagpur University in collaboration with NIT college on 27 Feb 2015 ISSN -2277-2170
  4. “Organization strategies for corporate accomplishment Common Man” National Journal of commerce & mgmt-2014-ISSN:2348-4934
  5. The Task of Human Resource Practices in Upholding Corporate Entrepreneurship---conference GHIMR- OCEAN-2015
  6. “Remuneration & contentment public-private segments in Maharashtra” Publised In International Journalof Business Mgmt Vol-Ii Issue -006 On Feb-2013 ISSN NO---2249-7463
  8. “The Role Of Conservative Indian Banking Policies And Global Financial Catastrophe”, Publised In National Conference on 20/4/2012, ISBN NO--- 978-81-910409-3-7
  9. “Growing argument & prediction of FMCG product expansion in India from new company laws” presented in ETLAB National Seminar 2015 School of Management Studies, North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon
  10. “Confrontations & chances in Indian Banking Industry”, Presented in IGNITE national conference @NITGSM Nagpur-on 31st jan2015

  • Prof. Rajani Kumar:

    Books Published

    1. Title : Business Environment, Thakur Publications, Pune, ISBN-978-93-82249-69-6.
    2. Title : Human Resource Management, Central Techno Publications, ISBN 978-81-89178-63-5

    Research Papers/Articles Published

    1. An article "Leading a Learning Organization- A Case Study" published in International Journal of Advances in Management, Technology and Engineering Sciences, Vol.I Issue 7(III), April 2012.(ISSN No: 7455)
    2. Presented paper titled"An Empirical Study of Managing Diverse Culture at Workplace with special reference to organizations in Nagpur City" at 1st National Conference on Indigenous Management Practices- Panacea-2012 on 2nd March 2012.Paper published in Journal on Management Outlook(ISSN No 2249-9253).
    3. Research Paper titled “A Comparative Study of the Factors Motivating Workers to Transfer Training and Learning to Workplace." Published in the International Management Journal "Shabdasmi", ISSN 2249-0051.
    4. Presented paper titled “A Study on Role of a Leader in Learning Organizations with special reference to Nagpur city.” Paper published in ‘OCEAN -2013’- Strategic Initiatives In Management To Meet The Global Economic Challenges 2013, ISBN No:978-93-81432-53-2
    5. Presented paper titled “Effects of Organizational Structure on Employee Learning and Development with reference to organizations in Nagpur City” at International Conference “Elixir” held on 19th -20th September 2014
    6. Presented paper titled “Providing Banking Services to the Unbanked Population- Efforts and Challenges”. at National Level Seminar organized jointly by NIT & RTM Nagpur University on 31st Jan 2015
    7. Presented paper titled “Women Entrepreneurship in India-Opportunities and Challenges” at the National Conference “OCEAN 2015-Role of management education in entrepreneurship development for sustainable growth”.
    8. Presented paper titled “Outsourcing of Human Resource Management Services in India” at International Conference “Novus 2015” organized on 27th-28th Feb 2015
    9. Presented paper titled “Managing Stress at Workplace-A Challenging Task” published in National Journal “Panacea-Indigenous Management Practices”, March 2015 ISBN No.978-81-924021-3-0

  • Prof. Mubina Saifee

    1. Paper presented on "Knowledge Management and Knowledge Sharing Practices in B-School", International Conference Elixir-2012, organized by Datta Meghe Institute of Management studies on 17th and 18th Feb’2012.
    2. Paper presented by Prof. Mubina Saifee and Prof. Anup Suchak: "Motivators and success strategy of Merger and Acquisition", Presented in National conference, organized by SB Jain Institute of Management and Technology on 28th Jan 2012.
    3. "Cause Marketing-Sales Generation or Branding Activity",Presented in International Conference organized by Department of Management Studies and Research, Tirpude College of Social Work on 22nd and 23rd March 2012.
    4. "Great Indian Telecom War",Presented in International Conference", organized by Choice College of Arts and Commerce, Pune, on 27th and 28th July 2012 and published in International journal of Business Management and Social Sciences Vol. I Issue 11 July 2012. ISSN: 2249 – 7463
    5. "Effect of Visual Merchandising on Buying Behaviour", published in International Management Journal "Shabdasmi" ISSN 2249-0051, Vol. 2,Issue 2,December 2012.
    6. "Job Satisfaction among Management Faculty members of Nagpur Region", Selected in International Journal of Management Research and Technology" Jan-June 2013 issue. ISSN No. 0974-3502
    7. Paper presented on “Mobile Money- A new Age Banking Solution”, Ignite 2015, National conference organized by NIT College and Department of Commerce, RTMNU, Nagpur on 31st Jan 2015.
    8. Paper presented on “E-Tailing Boom in India: Issues and Influences” at Ocean 2015, National Conference organized by Green Heaven Institute of Management and Research, on 9th Jan 2015.
    9. Published Book On Business Environment, Sheth Publishers, for MBA Sem-II.

  • Dr. Swati R. Padole

    1. Paper published “CO- EXISTENCE OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY & COMMERCE EDUCATION” to Department of Commerce UGC Sponsored National Conferance Dr. M.K.Umathe Arts& R. Mokhare Commerce College. Nagpur ,year 2010
    3. Paper published “World Economic Recession & Its Impact on Indian Economy” UGC sponsored National Conference Dayanand Arya Kanya Mahavidyalaya,. Nagpur,year 2010
    4. Paper published “IMPACT OF RECESSION ON INDIAN ECONOMY” K.P.B. Hinduja College of commerce Mumbai. year 2011
    5. Paper published “RURAL CONSUMERS – PROBLEMS & PROSPECTS” ,Bharati Vidyapeeth's School of Commerce & Management Science +Central Consumer Protection Council + Consumers Forum + Indian Institute of Public Administration ( New Delhi) -2011
    6. Paper Published in International Seminar on Terrorism, Social Security & Environment International Benevolent Research Forum,2011
    7. Paper published “Naming someone a leader is not sufficient to create effective leadership” LEADERSHIP IN THE ERA OF GLOBALIZATION (CIBMRD),year 2011
    8. Paper published “Entrepreneurship Development : Much talked; Less Walked” . Discovery Journal (ISSN No: 2278-5450) in VOL 52, ISSUE 242 | Pages 182-480 | February 1, 2016International.
    9. Paper published “Unemployment in Vidarbha - Fact or Fallacy”, Anveshika-A National Journal of Commerce,Management and Social Sciences"Vol No.1.2015-16 ISSN No:2454-4280
    10. Paper published “Hidden Entrepreneurship Options in Vidarbha”,CIBMRD,Nagpur ,International Journal
    11. Paper published “Start up Strategies may decide the fate of your business” GE-International Journal of Management Research ISSN (O): (2321-1709), ISSN (P): (2394-4226), IF-4.88 ,Volume 4, Issue 4, April 2016.
    12. One book Published “ Environment Management “ISBN No. 978-93-86011-06-0