Green Heaven Institute of Management and Research

Inst.Code: MB4125

Training Methodology

Training Tools

Training methodology at GHIMR is a harmonious blend of Traditional and Modern methods. It comprises of Lectures, Question-Answer Sessions, Discussions etc. Latest audio visual aids like Laptop, OHP's and LCD's are used to make training effective. Guest lecturers of professionals from Management, Information technology, Commerce and Industry field, and also from other fields are organized in well equipped air conditioned conference hall of the Institution.

To supplement the regular training, various activities are designed such as Academic Seminars and Conferences, Discussions, Workshop and Brain-Storming Sessions, Industrial Visits, Projects and Value Addition Programs to name a few.

For ensuring overall development of MBA aspirants of our institute we conduct work shops on Health Management, Mind Set, Time Management, Personality and Soft Skill Development by the experts, at regular intervals. The radical changes in students are worth noting.

  • We have Mentor rooms, where students can meet our highly experienced and qualified staff.
  • Our training methodology is a blend of traditional and modern methods. Latest Audio visual aids like laptop, Multimedia, OHP's and LCD's are used to make training more effective.
  • We have Brainstorm Room, especially useful for review session and case studies by subject experts to clear the fundamental concepts and goal setting activities.
  • We have Green Heaven Institute of Management and Research Cell (GHIMRC) that supports students in research activities. Our research findings are disseminated directly through publications, conferences, seminars and indirectly through Case Studies and course development for MBA aspirants.
  • We provide opportunities for students to learn through international exposure by way of internships and projects in overseas countries.
  • We have Full Fledged Language Lab to improve ascent and grammar. Special attention is given for Soft Skill Development and Personality Grooming.
  • We undertake various academic and non-academic initiatives so that students are well equipped to meet the industry requirements.
  • To support the regular training, various other activities are designed such as academic and industrial seminars, conference, discussions, workshops, industrial visits, projects etc.

Teaching Methodology

  • Case studies
  • Industry Projects
  • Sector Presentations
  • Class Assignments
  • Lectures by Industry Experts

Entrepreneurship Development Cell (Unique Features of GHIMR)

The Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC, GHIMR) is initiated with a vision to promote Entrepreneurship amongst the students of GHIMR and to build an exhaustive resource pool to aid potential student entrepreneurs.

Since our inception, we have organized various events on Social Entrepreneurship in the campus. This year we plan to have Business Plan contests and we would like to bring a surge in entrepreneurial activities on campus.

We envision EDC as a platform where if any entity of GHIMR community comes for any kind of help at any stage, it must be able to provide him/her with right kind of resources or at least it must be able to guide him/her to the right path. We stepped further with the ideology of educating, mentoring and providing enterprising resources to budding entrepreneurs. In light of this we established Entrepreneurship Development Cell (Student Committee).

Summer Internship Programme (SIP)

Finding a good graduate job is hard even at the best of times. With so many graduates passing out every year, the competition is becoming tough day by day.

GHIMR has decided to give an edge to their students over others through their Summer Internship Placements. SIP is a form of vacation work placement of about 30-45 days, wherein the students get an opportunity to utilize their vacation and to get practical experience which is necessary to understand the need of the industry.

SIP helps the Student to gain experience through work shadowing. Students spend time not only observing someone doing a particular job but also actively engage themselves to gain practical exposure to industrial environment. Students are exposed to actual working environment. Work experience builds confidence & communication skills among the students.

Mentoring Sessions

It is a platform given to our students to present their views on various topics viz. Sector Presentation, Management, Environment, IT, and topics of General Awareness. The presentations are prepared under the guidance of Faculty members. Eminent personalities are also invited to contribute their view.

College Magazine

A 'College Magazine' recording the college activities will be published quarterly by the Student's committee of GHIMR. It will provide an opportunity for the students to explore timely and relevant topics in their interest and share ideas of fellow students. It will showcase the best articles that are handpicked by the editorial committee comprising students of various courses and faculty. The magazine will showcase the literary skills and various talents of the students.

Placement Cell

GHIMR has a separate unit, "Training & Placement Cell", which guides the students in career choice, placements and summer trainings. The Career Counseling & Placement Cell of our college guides the students in choosing the right career. Information on employment opportunities is given to the students through the placement cell.


  • Exhibitions
  • Induction & Orientation Programme for new students
  • Communication (English) Techniques
  • Interview Preparation
  • Personality Evaluation
  • Sector Presentations
  • Paper Presentation
  • Inter college Events
  • Sports Activities

Distinctive Features

  • Admission through Common Entrance Test at Maharashtra Level
  • Comprehensive Syllabus of RTM Nagpur University divided into 4 Semesters
  • Dual Specialization
  • The pedagogy and teaching-learning process is practical oriented through Case Studies
  • Extensive focus on Summer Internship in order to provide hands on exposure.